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5 Lies of Exercise

What confusion do you face as you prepare to face your short-term or long-term health and fitness goals? Here are the 5 lies of exercise that I allowed to sabotage me for years. Lie #1: There is no sense starting an exercise program at your age. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 35, 40, 45, or beyond, this lie is brutal. As each year passed and I remained sedentary and unhealthy, I felt like I had less and less of a chance to return to a life of fitness, let alone reach any sort of goal. And I was right. But it had nothing to do with age and everything to… Read more »

Top five tips to keep your fitness focus when life gets off course.

Keeping your Fitness Focus When Stress Hits

I haven’t written much in the past two weeks, and I can’t get into a lot of specifics, but I’ve been dealing with some long-term issues that have made my life even more busy. Not only busy, but pretty traumatic for me and my loved ones. I have to admit, my thought has been, “Well, is this it? Is this when I give up on my fitness goals?” I mean we all have a limit to our fitness focus, right? And, as I saw when my triplets were born, the sort of life-changing circumstances I’ve faced over the past few years kind of asks a person… Read more »

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No-Guilt Fitness In Your Busy Life

Before my triplets were born, I was very fit and active. I didn’t mind a few extra steps and often found ways to get some. We’d purposely pick the parking space at the back of the lot or take the stairs rather than the elevator. We’d always say, “Why not? We are not lazy people.” Well, in the years following the birth of my triplets, I lost that bounce in my step. I started circling the parking lot to find the closest spot. When I’d see someone headed to the row I was in, I’d wait if I suspected that person… Read more »

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Metabolism: How to boost it after weight loss

Misconception: if you lose a lot of weight your metabolism will tank. This misconception stems from the idea that the smaller we get, the less we can eat to maintain our weight. That fallacy is seemingly proven by the many incidences of people who lose an extreme amount of weight, or any amount of weight for that matter, and then promptly gain it back after they return to normal their old eating habits. The assumption is that we put our bodies into starvation mode to lose weight, but then our bodies can’t handle normal amounts of food, so the weight creeps back on…. Read more »

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Turn Your Daydream Into a Destination

One year ago, I turned my daydream into a destination. One year ago, I wheezed going up the stairs. Today, I ran five miles nonstop and set a new PR. One year ago, my kids couldn’t have donuts in the house more than a few hours because they’d be devoured. Today, I threw away two uneaten donuts that had gone stale. One year ago, I couldn’t fully zip my size-20 jeans. Today, I easily zipped my size-6, fresh-out-of-the-dryer, skinny jeans. One year ago, I dealt with my emotions by pouring salt and sugar on them. Today, I made it through some tough things… Read more »

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A Weight-Loss Journey of 1,000,000 Steps

As I was embarking on my weight-loss journey, I felt a deep sense of overwhelming sadness. I knew what I had to do, and I expected it to take a long time. I knew the road would be marked with setbacks and frustration. I knew I would have to deal with tough situations like social events and holidays. And I knew that I would be dealing with all of this while going to grad school, raising six kids, meeting two book deadlines, and working full-time. I knew it was going to be hard, and the gravity of it all hit me… Read more »

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The Biggest Loser

So, I’ve lost almost 100 pounds and have returned to focusing on fitness with the same intensity I had once upon a time. Does that make me a Biggest Loser? I’m so happy to feel the vigor rising from within…the passion that looks at food as fuel and nutrition as part of an end goal. For me, that end goal is to be faster and fitter and to have fun doing it. And most of all, to be a good example to my kids and others. One of the things that has helped me to finally lose weight and will… Read more »