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Catch up Race Reports

Hi! Long time, no see. So sorry for the radio silence; life’s sure been busy. This site is named for a good reason, isn’t it? It’s all about prioritizing the good stuff in and among the best. First comes coffee, then family and loved ones, next is work (have to pay the bills, right?), then training, and then comes fun website stuff. Dead last is housecleaning, laundry, and shopping as evidenced by the current state of my house. Pictures unavailable! But I want to do a quick catch-up on some races I did over the past few months, and I need to do… Read more »

Litchfield Triathlou: Olympic-Distance Triathlon

As I write this late race recap for the “Litchfield Triathlou”, I’ve got three triathlons under my belt. Two were sprint-distance races, which is generally something like a half-mile swim, a 15-mile bike ride, and then a 5K run. The first one went fine; I loved it! The second one, the Chicago Triathlon, was no small feat. In fact, it was not fun at all. You can read my race report here if you’d like to know more details, but the biggest problem with that race was that I had some kind of attack (panic, asthma, allergy to the lake… Read more »

Chi Tri 11

Chicago Triathlon

The Chicago Triathlon!? WOW! I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post when I said I had two more triathlons to do in the next six weeks. I’ve been in the midst of my last ten-week term of grad school, changing jobs and training at work, and training for a longer-distance triathlon. I guess sometimes it’s hard to write about being fit and busy when you’re living it. But, since tomorrow is the Litchfield Triathlou, my first Olympic-distance tri, i figured I’d better post a recap of the Chicago Triathlon I did two weeks ago. First of all,… Read more »

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Esprit de She Race Report

I love reading detailed race reports, so I write them as I like to read them. If you’d prefer something less wordy, here are some bullet points about the Esprit de She. Esprit de She is an awesome event! I did great–reached all my goals. The swim was harder than I expected. Cried at the finish line. Will do this race again and again. Now, if you want all the details about my experience here you go… Esprit de She This past Sunday, my friend Stacy and I competed in the 2016 Gildan Esprit de She triathlon in Naperville, IL. It… Read more »


Not Your Average Joe, 5-Mile Race Report

Race Report: Not Your Average Joe, 5-Mile Race I feel like I’m smack in the middle of several races. We are on the fast track toward high school graduation, and it seems like there are events every evening, sometimes more than one, and it sure is keeping us busy. It’s an exciting time, but if you know me, you know it’s also a very weepy time. I’m just keeping my focus on one thing at a time. If I look too far down the road, well, you know…weeping commences. Did someone say commencement…? Waaaah! But a bright spot in the middle… Read more »

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Marathon weekend!

  Okay, so I didn’t actually run a marathon for marathon weekend. But it felt like it! It started on Friday night with a seemingly innocent little 5K to kick off the Illinois Marathon weekend of races. I arrived at my starting corral (I picked the timing group that projected to finish in about 35:00) with plenty of time to spare before the race started, which gave tons of time to wait in the cold with 8000 other people, literally. Marathon Weekend Goals I told myself over and over that the most important thing for me to do was to pace myself… Read more »