Who’s Nicole?

Nicole O'Dell of Paxton and her triplets Megan, Logan and Ryleigh, 7, run with their mom at the Paxton Buckley Loda High School track.

Nicole O’Dell of Paxton and her triplets Megan, Logan and Ryleigh, 7, run with their mom at the Paxton Buckley Loda High School track. Lori Ann Cook-Neisler/Pantagraph

I am a busy mom of six kids ranging from 25 down to 8-year-old triplets! I’m a full-time marketer for Human Kinetics, a publisher of resources for the fitness industry and sports and fitness education. I’m a multi-published author in both inspirational fiction and nonfiction, and a speaker for women’s events and church services. And through it all, I strive to maintain commitments to things that are important to me like being a part of of my church, having the kids on sports teams, and taking time to just hang out with friends.

If I sound like I’m whining, trust me, I’m not–life is great. I’ve achieved some big goals. But the one area of struggle I’ve had since I had the triplets was my personal fitness. To be frank, I stopped moving, stopped caring much about what I ate, and I gained a lot of weight. That coupled with an insane amount of food allergies and intolerances (they are different–I’ll post on that soon), I just kept gaining. However, through prayer and a renewed reliance on God for even the everyday choices like what to eat and how to exercise, and even amid the busy-ness of my life, I managed to lose 100+ pounds and reclaim my long-lost fitness.

Now, early mornings or late evenings you can find me doing laps in a pool, biking on a road near my home, or running some miles as I chase my triathlon dreams. (Dare I say Half-Ironman, 2017 and Ironman, 2018? Hey, no one said they have to be fast!)

My goal is to maintain my fit and busy life–let’s face it, the busy isn’t going away, and maintaining a level of fitness takes dedication. So I started www.fitandbusylife.com as a way to hold myself accountable and help others reach their fitness goals while balancing everything else that’s already on the plate. Here at www.fitandbusylife.com I’ll get personal about my journey of faith, family, and fitness so you can have a fit and busy life, too!

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